Survay - analysis of the responses to the Teaching Mathematic and Science in English (ETeMS)

My group members carry out survey to 40 people trainee teacher in Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia Kampus Bharu, Kelantan. The survey had received an impressive attraction.The data is based on analysis of the responses to the Teaching Mathematic and Science in English (ETeMS) survey report which was collected on 6 Ogos 2009.

Two article that we choose is EteMS : The Implications on Learners by Faizah Mohamad Nor, Ph.D and Marzila Abd Aziz from Department of Modern Language , Faculty of Managment and Human Resource Development, UTM and the other one article from The Star online ( The title of article is Math and Science : English in Secondary schools and mother tongue in primary school posted by yytehstar.

We choose this topic because it often became heated debate issue since executed by administration Tun Dr Mahadhir bin Mohamad in year 2003. Science and mathematics is field lay and with role important in progress and development of nation. Various inside innovation and new discovery this field happen fast and information access on progress in this field often found in English.

From the analyse we found 47.5% agrees and as much as 52.5% did not agree on Teaching Mathematic and Science in English. 19 of these 40 respondent revealed that learners enjoy learning Mathematic and Science in English while 21 respondents confessed that learner’s does not enjoy learning Mathematic and Science in English.According to the article 25% of these 44 leaners (56.8%) revealed that they enjoyed learning Mathematic and Science in English while 9 (20.5%) confessed that they did not like learning these subject in English and would nahe preferred the national language as the medium in instruction fof these subjects. One respondents did not respond to yhe questionnaire iten on whether he like Mathematic and Science being taught in English.

45% trainee teacher agree that the learner’s performance in Mathematic and Science had improved as a consequence of learning these subject in English. According to the articles, One of the benefits of Mathematics and Science being taught in English is that the explanation of concepts comes off easier when illustrated in English. Somehow, sixteen of the 44 (36.4%) respondents felt that it was easier for them to understand the mathematical and science concepts if they are explained in English compared to the national language. On the other side of the continuum, 9 of 44 (20.45%) subjects complained that their performance in the Mathematics and Science subjects had deteriorated since the subjects were taught in English

Through our survay, we found 55% agree and 45% did not agree about the learner’s English proficiency improved as a result of the greater exposure to the English Language, when Mathematics and Science subjects are now taught in English.

21 trainee teacher belive that a difficulties in understanding the term challenges faced by learners in learning Mathematics and Science in English.While, 15 trainee teacher support that a weak in mastering the English subject and 4 trainee teacher support that lack of facilities for learning process challenges faced faced by learners in learning Mathematics and Science in English. A report prepared by an Australian Department of Education highlights the complexity of the language of Mathematics and Science. It states that the language of Mathematics is complex and is not similar to everyday language. It consists of specialist vocabulary, precisions and the use of symbols. The report also states that teachers tend to make a lot of assumptions that students are able to understand the words despite the fact that the words are too complex for the students to deal with on their own.

24 of the 40 trainee teacher thought teacher presented Mathematics and Science in English ineffective for student.Only 40% said teacher of Mathematics and Science deliver their lesson effectively to the student. It is because the teachers lack of froficiency in English. Through our survay , 75% said pupils in rural unable to learn Mathematics and Science in English very well.25% of the respondent did not agree about his statement. According to the survay, pie chart and bar graph as many as 57.5% trainee teacher said government prepare adequate facility and equipment for teacher and student in learning and teach inside mathematics and science English but only 42.5% did not agree.

65% trainee teacher said they agreed and only 35% did not agree when the government decides to change back teaching mathematics and science in Malay Language in year 2012. According to the articel, I found that using English as a medium of instruction for Mathematics and Science in secondary school will not only lead our children to a smooth transition to the branch out of science inti physics, chemistry and biology in form 4, it will also open up a world of opportinities to them when they move up to form 6/marticulation level. So, the optimum solution is by using mother tongue in primary school and Englishi secondary school as a medium of teaching and learning Math and Science.

Through our survay, 72.5% belive that the student will archive excellent result in Math and Science if they were to change to the Malay Language.

As a conclusion, I hope Teaching Mathematic and Science in English (ETeMS) could bring benefit to all student. I got a lot of information and learn more about EteMS when I read this article and carry out the survay

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